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27 February 2010 @ 06:04 pm
Lost 6x05  
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The Lighthouse

That was quite good!

Stuff I liked

-Jacob! I love his and Hurley's odd relationship lol

-Speaking of Hurley he had so many good lines;
"I just lied to a Samurai!"
"I'm a big fan of temples and history and Indiana Jones stuff"
"She's kinda not invited"
And I love it when he sticks up for himself.

-The caves! Shannon's inhaler! Aw memories.

-The Adam and Eve skeltons! That's one of the things I really want answered so I'm glad they haven't forgotten about them. Haha Hurley's time traveling theory.

-I kind of love crazy Claire. I can't believe she just axed that guy in the stomach. Her weird bone/dead animal baby was creepy. And when she asked if Jin was her friend and he was like "...yes" lol oh dear she's lost it.

-Suprise Dogen in the AU, looking pretty sharp in his suit :)

-Lighthouse! Of course Jack has to break something interesting and important lol. Creepy stalker mirror was cool.

Flocke is Claire's friend! I loved both of their creepy smiles at the end.

Stuff I didn't like

-Well I'm never the biggest fan of Jack episodes his flashbacks were always boring and his AU I thought was quite pointless.

I will give the episode a 7 as it only really got good at the lighthouse.

Random things: Who's coming to the island? I hope Miles and Sayid will be ok at the temple after what Jacob said about it being too late to warn them :/. Someone saw Kate's name on the dial thing at number 15 and someone called Wallace was at 108.

Next week is a Sayid episode!
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georgygirl_75georgygirl_75 on February 28th, 2010 12:35 am (UTC)
Hi Betty :)
I love the Locke graphic :D

I liked this epi too.

yes, I like Hurley's and Jacob's interactions too :)
I like when Hurley realised what Jacob's plan was all along :D
Also, I too loved Hurley's lines in this episode. Some great ones there. Apart from the ones you mentioned, I like when he said to Dogen that he was a candidate. and also the one when he says about Jacob appearing Obi Wan Kenobi style :D
and I liked when he said walking through the jungle was like old times or something like that :)

The revelation of the lighthouse was interesting too. and again the numbers. So, that's the origin of the numbers then. I didn't notice Kate's name, so well spotted ;) but I did see the name Wallace. Freaky that it showed Jack's house. I wish that Jack didn't break it, as I wanted them to see what would happen if they put it on another name.
I am also thinking whether there was ever a lighthouse or did it just 'appear' there for the purpose of Jacob's plan for Jack to find the reason for what he has to do on the island. (I'm not sure. I am probably overanalysing the whole thing :D)
Hurley's time travelling theory is probably more plausible than what I just said lol

Interesting in the AU timeline that Jack has a son. also the appendix scar too, as he had his appendix out on the island, but in the AU it happened when he was 7. though he cannot remember. I guess all these hints in the AU timeline will show more significance later.

The psycho Claire scenes were good. Shocking that she axed that guy. oh yeah, I agree the bone/dead baby thing was freaky. As you say, the poor girl has completely lost it "eek"

The end scene was the best. "That's not John, that's my friend" :o that was definitely shocking. Poor Jin. I want to save him from the two "friends" :D

also freaky when Psycho!Claire said, "if it was Kate who took my baby, I would kill her"

I think the bad thing coming to the temple is Flocke, or something more evil than Flocke.

Looking forward to next week's epi then ;)

ooh, btw, I had a Lost related dream this week. Sayid was in it, and he was reading something on a piece of paper, either a story or a poem. You were in the dream too, as we were both trying to work out all the different things going on there.

Then in part 2 of my dream (which is after I woke up, and then said ok 5 more mins sleep) Sawyer was there. It was a weird setting, can't remember exactly, but it was a lovely, tender one "sigh"
Sadie: Cameron - Wynona vs Darth Vaderpandorashollow on February 28th, 2010 08:31 pm (UTC)
That gif is great =D