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27 February 2010 @ 06:04 pm
Lost 6x05  
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The Lighthouse

That was quite good!

Stuff I liked

-Jacob! I love his and Hurley's odd relationship lol

-Speaking of Hurley he had so many good lines;
"I just lied to a Samurai!"
"I'm a big fan of temples and history and Indiana Jones stuff"
"She's kinda not invited"
And I love it when he sticks up for himself.

-The caves! Shannon's inhaler! Aw memories.

-The Adam and Eve skeltons! That's one of the things I really want answered so I'm glad they haven't forgotten about them. Haha Hurley's time traveling theory.

-I kind of love crazy Claire. I can't believe she just axed that guy in the stomach. Her weird bone/dead animal baby was creepy. And when she asked if Jin was her friend and he was like "...yes" lol oh dear she's lost it.

-Suprise Dogen in the AU, looking pretty sharp in his suit :)

-Lighthouse! Of course Jack has to break something interesting and important lol. Creepy stalker mirror was cool.

Flocke is Claire's friend! I loved both of their creepy smiles at the end.

Stuff I didn't like

-Well I'm never the biggest fan of Jack episodes his flashbacks were always boring and his AU I thought was quite pointless.

I will give the episode a 7 as it only really got good at the lighthouse.

Random things: Who's coming to the island? I hope Miles and Sayid will be ok at the temple after what Jacob said about it being too late to warn them :/. Someone saw Kate's name on the dial thing at number 15 and someone called Wallace was at 108.

Next week is a Sayid episode!
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That gif is great =D