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27 March 2010 @ 11:44 pm
Lost 6x06, 6x07, 6x08 and 6x09 (Phew!)  
Thoughts on Sundown, Dr Linus, Recon and Ab Aeterno


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Ok not much going on in this episode except;

-Sayid is hot

-It's that even in the AU he still isn't with Nadia :(

-Keamy makes good eggs! And Jin in the freezer thing.

-The return of Sayid's badassery killing Dogen and Lennon

-Sayid turning crazy. I'm not sure about this. I like crazy Claire because I used to find her boring but Sayid is one of my favourites so I miss old Sayid already :( But I did like Sayid's creepy smile to Ben and Ben's reaction lol.

-The ep was kind of slow until that awesome ending! I was so scared that Miles was a goner when he split up from Kate and the door banging and I loved it when it turned out to be Ben and co :D

-Creepy ending with the dead bodies and Catch a Falling Star playing.

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Dr Linus

-I would gladly watch a spin off with the crazy adventures of Ben, Locke and Artz in high school lol.

-Aw it was so sweet that Ben did the right thing for Alex in AU. She looked very pretty too.

-Oh Jack you and your crazy!

-Richard :D

-The moment in the gif above lol. So funny and Jack Sparrowish hehe.

-"Because he's the only one who'll have me" :'((((

-Reunion montage on the beach, we haven't had one of those in a while! Sun and Hurley were cute and Miles finding Nikki and Paulo's diamonds was a fun touch.

-WIDMORE!! Best twist ending of this season so far.


-Spin off number 2: Sawyer and Miles cop show!

-Sawyer looking fine in the AU especially. Recently I've been thinking that Josh has been loosing his looks a lil bit (he's a new father so I guess it's expected) but being a police man must suit him :D

-Charlotte! I've always kind of loved Charlotte. Maybe now she can bump into Faraday in the AU :D

-Not much going on in this episode but I was expecting that so I wasn't too disapointed.

-I had to laugh at Sayid just sitting there while Claire was trying to stab Kate in the throat lol.

-Interesting that Flocke had a crazy mother which resulted in him having some "growing pains" Hmmm.

-Still have a little soft spot for Sawyer/Kate even though it makes no sense at all since Juliet just died. Once a shipper always a shipper I guess :D But the ships on Lost are not a priority to me (except Des/Penny) so I won't be disapointed if nothing happens between them.

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Ab Aeterno

-Hmm well, I've been looking forward to this episode for like a year and I couldn't help but feel a tad let down. :( It's still one of the better ones but I didn't even find it my fave of this season (although it might be second). It felt like it told us stuff we already knew or we could have guessed already when I was expecting major revelations like the wall of names in The Substitute. ANYWAY..

-Lots of Richard!! Although a lot of it was him looking rough with a beard booo.

-He now has his own music theme and it's lovely.

-Richard on a horse!

-Omg meanest doctor and priest ever.

-Also, Richard living in Tenerife in the olden days I found amazing I dont why. Probably cos I've been there on holidays lol.

-I think Richard has officially passed Locke for worst life ever; Accidental murder, wife dies, sold into slavery, nearly dies, thinks his wife is alive only to see her be "killed" again (very mean of MIB!), gets beat up and nearly drowns by Jacob, now lives forever with no purpose. I will comfort you Richardo!

-His girly little laugh at the beginning was hilarious lol.

-We found out how the statue broke, yay!

-So the island is a cork to keep MIB from spreading his evil everywhere? I guess MIB breaking the bottle means that he's gonna cause a loooot of damage.

-Richard with his broken English was so cute!

-Spin off number 3: The adventures of Ricardo 1867-2004.

-Aw the scene with him, Hurley and Isabella was sweet :) I didn't cry suprisingly!

I think I might like it more when I watch it again tomorrow. Anyhoo, next week Jin/Sun episode! Will they re-unite? Hopefully before I go nuts!
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georgygirl_75georgygirl_75 on March 29th, 2010 11:43 am (UTC)
loving your reviews Betty :) Glad you got your laptop back :)

I thought Richard's epi was good. I did enjoy it. It was good that we finally got his story. I agree he has the worst life ever :(

At least we got more confirmation of the duel between Jacob and MIB, even though we had some idea. Though really sometimes I think Jacob and MIB are as bad as each other, just using and manipulating the people that Jacob brings to the island for their duel, and of course keeping the MIB on the island.

I too liked the scene with Richard, Isabella and Hurley. Sweet.

For Sayid's epi, I don't like he has gone evil. I can't forgive him for killing Dogen :(

Sawyer's epi was quite good. But not much revealed in that one. I did like Sawyer as a cop. Interesting in his AU he chose to be a cop and not go in the other direction of being a con man.

Ben's epi I really loved. I think it is the best this season. Some great scenes in that one. The best scene is with him and Ilana. So emotional and well acted "sigh"

Key turning points for both Ben and Jack in this epi.
Finally Jack has the leap of faith. Shame Locke wasn't there to see it :(

I liked the AU too. Cool he helped Alex.

Loving the gifs, especially the Ben and Ilana one. Didn't think of POTC when seeing that, but now you mention it lol

I like all your spin off ideas! lol

Looking forward to the next epi with Jin and Sun. I hope that get reunited too "sigh"

Hermione can't draw: (Lost) Richard is a handsome fellowstargirl176 on April 1st, 2010 02:48 pm (UTC)
Hi! Yes my laptop is finally back :D

Though really sometimes I think Jacob and MIB are as bad as each other, just using and manipulating the people that Jacob brings to the island for their duel, and of course keeping the MIB on the island.

Oh yes, I have to choose I'd be Team Jacob but only as the lesser of the two evils. At least Jacob doesn't seem to be evil incarnate lol. I am Team Humans!

Aw don't worry I'm sure Locke would have been proud :D And look who poppped up in The West Wing! Photobucket

Oh and I made new background for my twitter :) https://twitter.com/BettyOh
georgygirl_75georgygirl_75 on April 2nd, 2010 11:12 am (UTC)
hehe, yes I am on the side of Team Humans too.

Cool Locke turned up in the West Wing :D A few months ago I saw him pop up in Young Guns :)

Loving your background on Twitter :) Good job there. Nice images used ;)