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06 April 2010 @ 11:18 pm
Lost 6x10  
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Thoughts on The Package

That was ok! It probably would have been better if I hadn't had known that next week is a Desmond episode so the package was obvious but still..DESMOND!

-Sun and Jin are not married in the AU! Haha and only someone as gorgeous as Sun could seduce someone wearing a beige cardigan lol.

-Sun and her long stare into the mirror. Everyone in the AU has done this in a mirror/reflective object so far. Hmmmm..

-Mikhail! He looked a lot younger then he did on the island.

-Speaking of Mikhail, him being shot in the eye was equal parts gross and amazing lol.

-Sun is pregnant! When she she said that she had to tell Jin something I thought it as going to be that she speaks English so I did not expect that :(

-So Kate was a candidate but now she isn't? I wonder what she did to be disqualified? And Flocke basically telling Claire that she can kill Kate when she's no longer useful, oooh.

-Miles: "Unless Alpert's covered in bacon grease, I don't think Hugo can track anything"
Frank: "Hey! Don't talk about bacon." Haha I thought that Frank was going to defend Hurley then but no.

-So although Jack said that Sun can only speak Korean due to aphasia my theory is that it's the two timelines bleeding together (like Jack's cut on his neck in LA X) because original flashback Sun only knew English because she was planning on running away from her unhappy marriage and she and Jin aren't married in the AU so she wouldn't know English! Phew!

-Room 23! That place scares me more than Jacob's cabin, creeeepy.

-Aw Jin seeing the photos of Ji Yeon :'(

-Desmond! That must have been very confusing of him to see a stony faced Sayid just floating there lol.

Yes so Desmond ep next week, I'm excited! I have no read spoilers but I'm scared he's not going to make it :( Hopefully I'm wrong.
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georgygirl_75georgygirl_75 on April 7th, 2010 10:04 am (UTC)
I really like your thoughts Betty :)

I like your theory, sounds interesting and plausible "nods"
I didn't even make the link of the characters staring in the mirror. Good spot there.

I enjoyed watching this episode.
So sad that in the AU Sun got shot in the crossfire :(

and yes, that was so lovely when Jin was looking at the pics of Ji Yeon. I had a few tears.

It was a great shocker ending of the epi for me seeing Desmond!!! I immediately called out "Desmond is the constant, Desmond is the constant"
Then my brother looked at me as though I was crazy, as he didn't know what I meant, as having not seen the previous seasons. He so has to watch the previous seasons. I did try to explain a bit though...

Looking forward to the next epi. I hope we get to see Penny too, though she was probably busy experiencing blackouts and the like on Flashforward.
I am hoping Desmond does make it, especially as he is the constant. If he dies, what would that mean to the timelines and so on????

btw, do you know how many epis are left?