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19 April 2010 @ 12:36 am
Lost 6x11 and 6x12  
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Thoughts on Happily Ever After and Everybody Loves Hugo

Two good episodes, hurray!

Happily Ever After

-Those big donut things were odd and that poor dude got fried :(

-We see someone else look at their reflection again!

-Aw Desmond was so sweet to pregnant Claire. I bet she wished she had taken him up on his offer after Kate kidnapped her lol.

-Oh and Des was looking super handsome in the Sideways. SWOOOOOON

-Him and Widmore are besties, what.

-Charlie! "I saw a woman. Blond. Rapturously beautiful. And I know her. We're together. It's like we've always been and always will be." Awww :D

-And now for the creepiest scene ever. I was all shocked when Charlie drove the car into the water and when he suddenly woke up and put his hand against the window I think I nearly peed a little lol. Then I spazzed out at the NOT PENNYS BOAT aaahhhhh!

-Desmond seeing Penny when he had his MRI :')

-Eloise! Your hair is huge! It was so weird that she seems to know that she's in a AU though.

-FARADAAAAY! Aw, I love him so much! I kind of love the idea of people being in love with people from the original timeline and I was always a sucker for Faraday/Charlotte. Also, his hat was awesome.

-Aww Desmond meeting Penny. If that was real life it would be so creepy if a random man came up to you in the dark lol but I'll give them a pass lol. So did he go back to the original timeline because he made contact with his constant?

-Neck!snapping Sayid is back! lol but why didn't you kill that Zoe woman? She's very annoying. I was very worried here about how odd Desmond was being here but he was a bit better in the next ep...well now we have more to worry about :/

-Penny did the cutest little giggle when she agreed to go to coffee with Desmond!

-Omg when he got back into car there was the weirdest feeling that something bad was going to happen to him! Thank god it didn't. And now the AU gets more interesting! (Finally).

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Everybody Loves Hugo

I loved this episode! It reminded me of The Substitute but now quite as good.

-Chang! And I love Hurley's mother she is hilarious.

-Aw Hurley at Libby's grave asking her to come and visit him :( And then Michael! I hope we see Walt before it all ends.

-OMG ILLANA GOT ARZTED. I should have seen that coming with her throwing that bag around but my mouth was open for about five minutes after it happened lol. And I think everyone has witnessed so much crazy stuff seeing as no-one barely reacted to her death!

-I wonder what Locke is making? "When the time is right it'll tell me" Hmmm..

-Richard was looking extra nice this week. SWOOOOOON again.

-Speaking of Richard I am so worried about him, Ben and Miles all alone in their own little team. Stay with Jack you know he's going to make it to the last episode!

-That creepy child again! But he quite a bit older with darker hair. Aaah when he laughed creepy creepy creepy.

-I love Hurley taking charge. What's with Jack making me like him and admitting he can't fix everything?! I'm sure he'll do something next week that'll make me annoyed again lol.

-Aw Hulrey and Libby finally having their picnic and he remembered! Desmond made me laugh when he pushed his glasses up and smiled lol like a Scottish cupid.


-I knew Flocke was going to something to Desmond but for some reason I did not expect him to push him down the well! I hope he's ok :(

-When Team Jacob arrived at Flocke's camp I forgot for a second that Jin was on Hydra island and I thought that Jin and Sun were going to be reunited! Damn it! I was thinking that Flocke and Jack glaring at each other was a dissapointing ending and then...

-First of all, Ben thinking that Desmond was perving was hiarious lol. And then HE RAN OVER LOCKE WHAT. Did he do it to give him a near death experience and see the island or his consciousness getting mixed up and he's getting revenge?

Next week doesn't focus on a particular person and there's only 5 episodes left! :(
I'm sorry if some of this is odd/not making sense but I'm both tired and hyper lol.
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georgygirl_75georgygirl_75 on April 22nd, 2010 11:11 pm (UTC)
I am sure you will cry when Jin and Sun are reunited and in the finale. There will definitely be more than nose tingling :D

I think that Flocke saw Desmond's fearlessness as a threat. When Desmond said that he wasn't scared, the expression on Flocke's face changed.

Looking forward to tomorrow's epi, which I will watch on Saturday :)