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30 April 2010 @ 12:41 am
Lost 6x13  
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Some thoughts on The Last Recruit

That was an OK episode!

-So Flocke telling Jack that he was Christian! At first I squeed as we got another answer but when I thought about I'm not sure. In some cases it makes sense (when he told Locke to push the wheel because he knew he was going to die) but if he was him in the earlier seasons how did he escape "Jacob's" cabin with the circle of ash around it? And Jack saw him at the hospital in a flashforward and we know he was stuck on the island then, hmmm...

-Ooh and when Jack asked Flocke "Who else have you looked like?" I was like oooohh but they didn't answer of course lol.

-Another bleed through with the different timelines with Sun screaming when she saw Locke!

-First meeting with Jack and Claire know that they know they're related! Of course Claire has to make it creepy :P

-Haha it was hilarious when Hurley saw Claire, "Claire! You look.....great"

-I loved when Zoe appeared and ordered the missiles which exploded right behind them and Flocke didn't even flinch and just carried on smiling. BAD-ASS (Also Zoe needs to die soon she is annoying me)

-Desmond will you stop being so damn creepy in the AU?! I don't care that you look super suave and handsome in that suit, I'm suprised Claire didn't run a mile. Then again she did give Kate her credit card after she kidnapped her lol. Illana looked very pretty though.

-Omg the scene with Sayid and Desmond was so tense! Desmond's music was going and I thought he was a goner for a minute. Even though Sayid told Flocke that he killed him he obviously didn't (yay!) and that also means that Sayid isn't completely dead inside! (Yay!)

-"You, me Jack, Hurley, Sun and that pilot that looks like he's stepped off the set of a Burt Reynolds movie" Hahaha! Awesome line and later when Sawyer called Frank "Chesty" lol.

-Ooh Claire had a well evil face when she saw everyone running off without her :O It was a nice scene when Kate convinced her to come with them, maybe she'll lose her crazy like Sayid seems to be doing?

-Jack changing his mind and jumping off the boat! It makes from our point of view as we know that they were brought there for a reason but I still had a 'Oh, Jack!' moment lol.

-No Richard/Ben/Miles this week :( Or as I've seen them be referred to as Team Sexy, Crazy, Cool haha.

-So we finally got the Jin/Sun reunion! I hate to say it but I was disappointed by it :( We've waited so long for it so I was expecting more epic like their reunion in S2. I teared up (more then nose tingling!) but I wasn't proper crying and I should have been! Anyhoo Jin's line, "We'll never be apart again. I promise you" is seriously worrying me. It better not be a jinx! Oh and it was sweet that everyone else was all smiley over it.

-So Jack is with Flocke now? I can't imagine they'd turn the main character all zombie like Sayid but you never know!

No episode this week >:( I think next week is a Jack ep but it's supposed to be really good :D And I watched a really creepy promo for that episode and ooooooh.

P.S. Have you seen the newest episode of Flashforward yet?
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Hermione can't draw: (Lost) Sayidstargirl176 on April 30th, 2010 11:31 pm (UTC)
I forgot that Jin was on Hydra island too. So when Jin popped up and said Sun's name I got a bit goosepimply!

I did like all the explosions going on in the epi, especially the one at the end with Jack flying through the air!

Oh yes with his little arms and legs going

Yes Zoe does look a lot like Liz Lemon! A less awesome version though ;)

Yeah the well did seem a lot deeper considering Desmond's Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh from last week lol. He could have climbed out!

Lostpedia tells me that Flocke was Yemi and the he was the spiders that bit Nikki and Paulo in Series 3 haha

Ooh ok after you've watched it on Sunday facebook me about it, it's an awesome eppy.

Lol I think everyone loves Desmond, I think my brother has a bit of a man crush on him :P
georgygirl_75georgygirl_75 on May 1st, 2010 06:28 pm (UTC)
ah, so I was right about Yemi :) funny about the spiders though. Guess he didn't like Nikki and Paulo.:D
What about that horse I think Kate saw??

I will be sure to fb you after I have seen Flashforward. My brother has already seen it this week, and enjoyed it.

lol about your brother ;) No better person to have a man crush on than Desmond ;) Who else does he like from Lost?